Center of post-genomic technologies


implementation of applied research works provided by state assignments, as well as initiative research in the areas of genetic engineering and therapy,new methods for molecular diagnostics of human diseases

providing consulting and practical assistance to molecular diagnostics laboratories of medical institutions that carry out current and emergency work to prevent and interpret outbreaks of infectious diseases

development of specification documents and methodological recommendations regulating the work of molecular biological laboratories

production of reagent kits based on molecular biological research methods for the diagnosis of genetic and infectious diseases

conducting advanced training courses in molecular diagnostics for practical institutions in Russia and CIS countries

practical laboratory diagnostics of infectious and somatic diseases

development of new medical devices

development of projects of active and annual work plans of the Center in accordance with its competence

creation and development of the laboratory base


Laboratory of the development of gene therapy methods

Production Laboratory

Лаборатория молекулярной эпидемиологии

Лаборатория биоинформатики

Laboratory of the development of new methods for molecular diagnostics of human diseases